Me, taken in the pirate bay of Karpathos in 2006, by my beautiful wife Marianne.

My interests: My family, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, the online game WoW and thinking about how thought works.

Terry Pratchett makes me laugh at the first paragraph.

I think about how thought works since I want my computer to think for me: “You are so lazy”, says my uncle Michael, “you don’t even want to think for yourself”. Yup, that is the truth.



I am behind my mother Carmen (left), her sister Patricia (middle) and the love of my life Marianne (right) around the year 2004 perhaps Lund, where I seem to recall Patricia inviting us to a feast.

Me and my twin sister Isabel, in our salad days.

Daniel Demaret is part of the Demaret family of Sweden